Training with Ben has had some surprising results in my life. I've grown strong, more flexible, and am in great shape -- even at 58, and post two hip replacements. Not surprising. I have also begun integrating mindfulness in my work, in my teaching, in my marriage - in my life. This I find surprising, since he and I are just working in the gym! Ben has an encouraging, calm style and - bonus points - he can be hilariously funny. He is very knowledgeable, and the training sessions are always sensitive to my body's strengths and vulnerabilities. I have worked with several trainers over the last ten years. Ben is far and away the best trainer I have ever experienced.






Ben’s training has been the most instrumental part of my development as a warrior.  I not only apply his methods to training my body, but my mind aswell.  Whether it's dealing with the physical pain of a strenuous workout, or the emotional strain of everyday life, Ben’s methods and practices have proven invaluable


What is a Mindful Warrior

A mindful warrior is aware of their internal environment, just as much as the external.  A mindful warrior acknowledges the need for the hard and the soft, the good and the bad and the need for love and hate.  These extremes cannot exist without each other and must be used.  A mindful warrior is a grateful one.  Whether its being grateful for the subtle moments of relaxation, or simply acknowledging the gratification of being alive.



(Aspiring Navy Sailor)



Ben King has been my personal fitness trainer for more than seven years.  I have worked with other personal trainers, but Ben is unique in his focused interest in my total well-being and the care he takes in tailoring each session of training to address my specific needs.  We are both military veterans, a generation apart, but we connect through ourconversations about our war experiences and about the challenges of life in general.  I have tremendous respect for his commitment to giving veterans the tools to make the transition back to civilian live in a healthy manner.  More than anything, I treasure ourfriendship because of shared values, a commitment to duty, and generosity of spirit.  Ben is enthusiastic about life’s possibilities, practices equanimity when faced with crisis, and emphasizes gratitude as a life focus and choice.  He has added a rich dimension to my life.



Vietnam War Veteran



I have been a client of Ben King’s Mindful Personal Training  for 6 months and it’s been easy, fun, and rewarding. Through one-on-one training, Ben has guided me through a practice that combines both physical and mindfulness techniques geared to my fitness level and its changes.  Today, I have better posture, greater strength and stamina, and a deepening awareness that carries over into each day. Throughout, I have felt I was in professional, knowledgeable, and safe hands. Thanks, Ben.



Corporate Publishing Manager, Retired



Trying to describe what I love about working with Ben can be summarized in two words:  customized and expanding.

“Customized” because each workout session is unique, interesting, challenging and fun.  It starts where we left off last time, and builds.  I love it when I realize that I can hold a pose or lift an amount of weight that I couldn’t do before.  And if some part of my body is achy or sore, Ben finds a way to work around it or work it out.

“Expanding” because Ben has brought mind-body awareness into my workouts in a way that carries over into the rest of my life.   He has taught me to first “tame the mind” and then “train the mind” so that I take life’s bumps a little easier and have tools to use when the stress in my professional life is taking its toll.  Learning and using mindfulness techniques has been truly life-enhancing for me.



An attorney in her 60's



Ben has helped me step out of the mentality I'd lived with since returning from serving with the Army overseas. Ben taught me how to redirect my energy towards healing the injured parts of my mind and body. Without judgement or pretense  he approaches your needs as a whole person;  patiently guiding you through to understanding, step by step.



Iraq War Veteran