Have you been feeling stressed and struggling to shift those lbs?

Mindful Personal Training is here to help.

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Mindfulness, Strength and Mobility.

What We Do

Fitness With Focus.

Mindful Personal Training takes a holistic view of training and fitness by helping you create a better connection between your body and mind by bringing mindful techniques into personal training sessions.

The techniques we incorporate within the trainings sessions are:

Breathing techniques

Body scans

Mindful Stretching and Mobility

Muscle Activation

We will help you focus on your form and how your body moves in its environment.


Because those recurring aches, pains and niggles you cope with every day and think are just part of getting older, are not just something you have to live with – we can work with you to reduce those. You don’t have to continue feeling stiff, sore and uncomfortable. 

Reducing stress lowers cortisol, which in turn can help with fat loss (which is sometimes why, no matter how hard we try, we can’t shift that wobble around the stomach).  

Our style of training also minimises the risk of injury due to poor form, weaknesses and lack of mobility.

Concentrating on the body during movement creates a positive connection which has been shown to help with muscle activation and muscle growth. 

We take specific interest in bringing awareness to the breath.

Using breathing techniques will take your body out of its sympathetic nervous system response, which is our fight or flight mode (we are not supposed to stay in this state for long periods – it is supposed to be for running away from lions and dealing with other dangerous circumstances).

Our breathing techniques engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which is our rest and recovery mode and our “normal” state of being. You are no longer living in a state of high alert stress. Your heart rate is slower, you can think more clearly and have better digestion.

About Mindful Personal Training Sessions

We train clients either in the beautiful green spaces in Teddington and surrounding areas or in our private gym in Twickenham.   

We use mindful elements such as breathing exercises and body scans to help reduce stress and create a focus on the present.  

We combine mixture of interval training alongside resistance training, whether it be with body weight exercises or using dumbbells and kettlebells and other equipment as part of the workout. 

Your programme is designed specifically for your needs and requirements.  

Covid-19. Guided by government guidelines we employ social distancing measures as well as undertaking regular cleaning steps. Hand sanitiser is available to use by all. As an extra measure Helen undertook a course on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)